mando tronic 1

Tronic Control

The TRONIC control is a device adaptable to all of our spraying units, assembled with high quality materials insuring the reliability of our products.
It is fundamental while performing integrated crop treatments, due to its application precision ensuring equal treatment to the foliar mass, without waste of the phytosanitary product and therefore a considerable economical savings.

The equipment consists of a cabin mounted computer, a speed sensor, a flow meter, a motorized pressure
regulating valve and electro valves for controlling nozzle spray.
When performing the calculation of gallons per acre desired per treatment, there will be no surpluses,
eliminating the need to repeat the treatment on a part of the plot, as well as eliminating over application,
creating excessive degree of toxicity of the treatment.
TRONIC is the only equipment for sprayers able to guarantee the exact amount of gallons per acre that the
user wishes to apply, entering three specifications:
• Gallons per acre
• Tractor speed
• Row width
Equipped with a 32-character retro-illuminated color screen in which we can see:
• gallons applied or gallons remaining
• speed in miles per hour
• Flow rate in gallones per minute
• partial gallon counter
• total gallon counter
• counter of acre treated
• Option to reset trip gallones as well as trip acre totals
• Organizer to memorize and reuse treatments